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Group calls on Sanwo-Olu to curb activities of land grabbers in Lagos



The Centre for Human and Socio-economic Rights (CHSR) has called on the Lagos State Government to swiftly curb the activities of land grabbers in the state.

President of the group, Alex Omotehinse, made the appeal on Wednesday at a press conference on unlawful activities of land grabbers, terrorising Ojomu communities in the Eti-Osa.

Omotehinse lamented the state’s inactions to curb the activities of these land grabbers. He berated the gruesome murder of one Sheriff Salami on April 18, 2023, whose death he said was a fallout of the deceased’s opposition to activities of land grabbers in the community.

The group expressed worry that land grabbers are becoming stronger, despite the establishment of a Task Force to nip the menace in the bud.

According to him, “CHSR, therefore, wishes to demand priority attention from the Lagos State Government with the view to making all relevant agencies, particularly the Task Force on Land Grabbing, more responsive to their mandate.

“CHSR is, however, more concerned that most of the land being forcibly confiscated by these land grabbers are legally and validly documented by the original owners most of whom are in possession of genuine Deed of Assignment, and with the full authorisation of the relevant families from whom the lands were purchased.

“To this end, we are concerned about the seeming complicity of certain actors in the Land Registry of Lagos State without whose connivance falsification or forgery of land documents by land grabbers and their collaborators could not be successfully carried out.”

The group president further noted that the authorities over lands in the communities until otherwise decided by the State with the corresponding amendment to statutes of Obaship and chiefs, belong to the traditional institution headed by legally recognised traditional rulers in the respective community.

He added: “This is, however, without prejudice to the relevant provision of the Land Use Act. We are therefore of the strong opinion that the case of Ajiran land cannot be otherwise. We, therefore, do not see any convincing justification for the usurpation or subjugation of the authorities of Oba of Ajiran land Oba Akinloye Tijani by any group of individuals under whatever guise.”

He, therefore, called on the state government to protect the legitimate authority of traditional institutions in Ajiran land against further reckless insubordination, as well as intimidation and harassment by the land grabbers.

“Lagos State Government and Nigeria Police should put an end forthwith to the harassment of authentic allottees and rightful land owners and confiscation of lands in Ojomu community and by extension Ajiran land.

“Lagos State Government should investigate allegations of forgery of Deed of Assignment and other land related documents duly authorised and signed with the authority of Ojomu family, as well as the Lagos State Land Registry.

“Governor Sanwo-Olu should give immediate directives to relevant agencies, particularly the Task Force on Land Grabbing, with the view to putting an end to illegal activities of land grabbers in Ojomu community and other affected communities in Lagos State.”





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